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Our look is new.
Our heart for people isn’t.

Why the new look

We’re still the same bank we’ve always been. We just have a new logo and a new look to better reflect the heart of the bank and the people and places we serve. It’s part of our commitment to evolve to meet our customers' and communities' ever-changing, unique needs while remaining easily accessible and recognizable to you. Whether you’re looking for us online, from your phone, or out in the community, you’ll find us serving you with heart.

About our logo

We’ve always wanted what’s best for the people we serve. We care about our customers and are personally invested in this community. When a bank and a community both start with heart, amazing things can happen. Our new logo is in the shape of a heart and the letter P. That overlap of color you see is symbolic of the overlay of heart between you and us.

Pentucket Bank - Start with heart

Start with Heart

The heart points us toward wisdom, compassion, and understanding. When we listen with our hearts, we learn what really matters. And we see the pathway to possibility. Since 1891, we’ve had a heart for helping our customers and our communities grow bigger, better, and brighter. That was our purpose when we started. It’s still our purpose today.

What else has changed?

Nothing. While we’re evolving our look, our commitment to offering services and solutions to fit our customers’ needs remains the same. Our heart for our communities, our desire to build long-term relationships, and our love for the people we serve haven’t changed. We’re still the same independent bank. We have the same leadership, and our entire team is focused on supporting you, the community, and each other.

Common Questions

Yes. We’re still the same local community bank we’ve always been. You may have seen our recent news regarding a new, shared Mutual Holding Company with Newburyport Bank. We are excited about the new partnership and that Pentucket Bank will continue to remain an independent community bank while we work together for the benefit of our customers, communities, and employees. That commitment will always be at the heart of who we are.

We are not making any changes to accounts so your banking experience will remain seamless; just with a fresh, new look!

Yes. You’ll still see the same familiar faces who have always served you.

We will be reissuing newly designed debit cards shortly, so be on the lookout; but until then, your current card and expiration date remain valid.

No. At Pentucket Bank, our home loans stay home. It is our pleasure to continue to service your mortgage without any change or interruption.